Skipness Amenities and Attractions


Village post office and stores

Small but perfectly stocked! You will be surprised at the diversity of goods local shopkeepers Rosemary and John have managed to pack in the small village store. Ideal to stock up on forgotten provisions or to indulge in some excellent home baking. There is a post office as well making this wee shop an essential amenity for village life.



Skipness Smokehouse and shop

To meet the increase in demand for their award winning smoked products Creelers has built a new state of the art smokehouse on the site of the old sawmill right next to Skipness Castle. 

This family run artisan smokehouse traditionally smokes, in small batches, only the finest quality Scottish salmon and other classic smoked delicacies.  As well as great food the shop also stocks some great keepsakes to remind you of your time in Skipness. The Smokehouse has an online shop so you need never go without your favourite smoked goods ever again! The Smokehouse is becoming one of the must visit attractions for visitors to Skipness.


  • Open 11am to 5pm Sunday to Friday
  • Online shop always open!


The Seafood Cabin

Located in a wooden cabin right next to "the big house", the Seafood cabin offers fantastic seafood cuisine from local sources and accompanied (when possible) by salad and vegetables grown in the estate garden. Please note all food is served outside where you can take in the outstanding views of the castle and Arran. 


  • Open 11am to 7pm Sunday to Friday
  • Now open Saturdays in July and August



Skipness Castle

Skipness Castle is the star in the crown of local attractions of North East Kintyre. Dating from the early 13th century, this castle has stood and evolved with the power struggles of Scottish history. General consensus is that the castle was likely founded by the Clan MacSween, passed to the MacDonalds of Islay and Kintyre and in 1493 the Campbells assumed command and built the tower. Climb the castle tower to see commanding views of Kilbrannan sound and Arran.


The Wildlife

Skipness beach and surrounding hills are bursting with wildlife and game. Now admittedly Coco the deer featured here is not very wild, in fact she is likely to come up to you to say hello, or join you on your walk. From the beach you can often see seals, sea otters, oyster catchers and occassionally dolphins make an appearance. On land there are deer and pheasants and in the air many interesting birds including sightings of birds of prey. 

Further references on wildlife.


The Beach

A beautiful and quiet beach offering stunning views across to Arran. You can collect the lovely shells that are in abundance, fish for crabs and tiny sea creatures in rock pools or stroll out to St Brendan's chapel and graveyard situated on the far side of the bay near the castle.